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Mary DeFranco, DPM

Welcome to the podiatry practice of Dr. Mary DeFranco. Dr. DeFranco has been providing outstanding podiatric care and surgical services to patients of all ages in Ridgewood and the surrounding communities for 20 years.

We provide a full range of clinical podiatry care, including the treatment of foot and ankle conditions, foot sprains, fractures, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, bunions, hammertoes, warts, skin infections, sports injuries, orthotics and diabetic foot care.

Our mission is to provide our patients with outstanding full service foot care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. We strongly believe in educating our patients as to all possible treatment options. As your podiatrist in Ridgewood, we look forward to helping you with all of your foot care needs. Call us for an appointment today!

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Some of Our Services

  • Foot and Ankle Surgery

    As expert foot surgeon, we take great pride in our ability to restore proper function to an injured or deformed foot. Surgery is recommended only when it is the very best method to correct your condition.

  • Ingrown Toenails

    Ingrown toenails are caused by the growth of the toenail into the surrounding nail fold. Symptoms include pain and swelling at the site. Chronic, painful ingrown toenails can usually be teated, permanently, with a simple procedure that prevents the regrowth of the ingrown portion of the nail.

  • Sports injuries

    If you are an occasional sports enthusiast or a professional athlete, Dr. DeFranco helps you remain healthy and competitive in your recreational activities. Our special sports medicine care can help you prevent injuries before they occur as well as repair injuries after they happen.

  • Hammertoes

    A hammertoe is a dislocation of the joint of any one of the toes. It is described as a hammertoe because it bends under like a claw, or like the hammer in a piano. A corn or a callus usually will form either on the end of the toe or from shoe pressure on the prominent portion of the toe.

  • Orthotics

    Orthotics are shoe inserts that are custom made to fit each patient’s specific needs and to treat painful conditions such as flat feet, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and neuromas.

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Excellent Poditrician. Communicative and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her without reservation.

Leslie Johnson.

Thorough and clear, kind and helpful. would recommend her to anyone- in fact, recommended her to my (aging) parents.

Kristin S.

Very well -trained physician. Excellent bed-side manner. Listens and thoroughly answers questions. I would recommend her highly.

Mohamad S.